Frequently Asked Questions

Because we're super fussy about chocolate and only deal in the top 5% of chocolate in the world - the best of the best. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of chocolate produced delivers an exceptional taste experience - because the flavour beans required to make great chocolate are rare, as is the art and science of the maker. This tiny percentage of great chocolate - that's what we religiously research, source, taste test and make available to you.

No. We specialise in researching and sourcing the best chocolate in the world from artisan bean to bar producers and make these available to you in one place, at Fiamma Life.

Of course there are some other chocolate seller's who also deal in great chocolate - and whilst our range is unique for it's exceptional quality there's definitely some other great chocolate out there. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of 'wolves in sheep's clothing' i.e. that claims to be great chocolate, and is priced highly, but - when you eat it - well ... it's not so great.


I'm passionate about educating chocolate lovers on how to identify the good stuff v the 'wolves in sheep's clothing' and provide some resources around this. We spend a lot of time during my Chocolate Master Classes working on your chocolate detective skills along with a deeper understanding and tasting; alternatively I do post content of this nature on my YouTube channel if you would like some 100% free tips and tricks on how to find the best chocolate out there.

YES! Whilst I promote Fiamma Life as being first and foremost about flavour and experience - you cannot ignore ethics. All of the chocolate we stock is of the highest ethics, with genuine community empowerment - however this is often not the case with other chocolate. Something many of us are unaware of is chocolate is a very dark industry with some horribly unethical practices behind it including exploitation, poverty, slave labour and even child abduction, forced child labour and deaths. (The latest figures from Ghana and the Ivory Coast estimate 1.6 million children working in the industry, up to 64% ages 10-14 and at least 17,000 as forced labour.) Sadly, the reality is, if you are buying chocolate and you do not know - or cannot find out - it’s provenance, you may be contributing to this problem. 


Which is why having a trusted source for chocolate is important, because we do the work to ensure it is ethical, and you can sit back and enjoy guilt free chocolate.

Yep! Just because you're plant based it doesn't mean you have to compromise on your chocolate quality. All of our dark chocolate is vegan (although most will note it's made in factories that also process milk chocolate)  which means you get the flavour profile from the world's best. To make it easier, we have a vegan chocolate category for our chocolate on our online chocolate store.


It's coming! AfterPay is being added to my website provider later this year and we hope to be on board when it happens.


Shipping starts at $10 and will be calculated at checkout, including Express Post options. At times we offer free shipping offers, so make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date with offers. Some products like Full Gift Experience or Monthly Chocolate Subscription have shipping included.

Yep. Just get in touch and we’ll let the internet make magic happen. Of course, additional postal charges will apply.

Yes, we do - just enter the details at checkout.

Ah, as a chocolate dealer we have a love/hate relationship with summer. We do have a hot weather policy - click here for more details. We do everything we can to protect your chocolate from summer heat however obviously the two do not mix well and we strongly recommend your chocolate is delivered to an address where it can be received immediately (i.e. business address) - it should never be left on a door step in hot sun. If in doubt add a note at check-out for specific delivery instructions or get in touch to discuss.


With your monthly chocolate subscription, you get more than just chocolate delivered to your door. You become an exclusive member of our chocolate community and receive:

1. 3 full-sized artisan bars, or similar, every month

2. detailed tasting notes and stories behind each chocolate (online) tasting events of featured chocolates

4.exclusive member offers and discounts

No, where would be the fun in that? This is a journey of chocolate discovery so each month we’ll send you two new chocolates - because how else are you going to find your next favourite.


Of course, if you fall in love with a particular chocolate (or chocolates) you can add additional chocolate into your monthly chocolate subscription - see above.

Both are great options however with a subscription service you get more than just chocolate delivered to you. You become a member of the Fiamma Chocolate Community and with that we will take you on a journey exploring two new chocolates every month -  things you may not have thought to order, or thought you’d like.


We also include tasting notes and the stories behind each chocolate. You have access to our closed online community and to monthly Live Tastings. You will receive exclusive discounts and offers only available to our member community, a gift on your birthday. Plus, it’s super convenient - you set it up and forget and our chocolate elves get to work every month to deliver chocolate to your door. So you get a lot of extras and the opportunity to try new things.

As a monthly chocolate subscription member, you can of course buy chocolate from our online chocolate store at any time (and can even add to your monthly delivery) and you always save 5%.

Whereas ordering from our online chocolate store is awesome, and you can tailor to your needs - when you want - and have the same great chocolate delivered to you in anywhere in Australia, just you don't get the full subscription member experience (but we will still treat you be pretty good!).

At this stage no. It's really easy to order your ol' fav every few weeks, but the intent of our monthly chocolate subscription is to take you on a deep dive adventure of the world's best chocolate - experiencing, learning and hopefully falling in love with chocolate you would never have known existed.

We also encourage everyone to be open minded about what you like. We hear a lot 'I only eat chocolate above 70%' or 'I only eat milk chocolate' - but time and time again I see that person who says they don't like dark chocolate, for example, falls in love with a 75% when they have the good stuff.

We are working on an offer to customise your subscription but there's a lot of logistics behind this.


At this stage we do accommodate vegan options - plus you can add your fav chocolates to your subscription delivery. Likewise, some of our best sellers have a product specific subscription available - where we send you that product every month.


IKR, so many choices - if you have questions get in touch at

Absolutely! Who doesn’t need (or want) extra chocolate? Plus, save by adding the extra to your existing subscription shipment. (Note: if your ‘extras’ weight exceeds 300g, a small postage cost will apply - approximately $4).

To order extra chocolate to be added to your subscription:


1. go to and add your extra chocolate to the cart.

2. at check-out enter the promotion code EXTRA

3. this will calculate a ZERO cost at checkout - go through the checkout process

4. we’ll calculate your chocolate cost + any additional postage + your 5% discount

5. we’ll charge your card on file with the total and send you an invoice to confirm

6. if we don't have a card saved on file, we'll email you an invoice with a link to pay

6. if you need to use a different card, just place your order and get in touch

To order chocolate at another time, check out and add your exclusive member discount code MEMBER to always get 5% off your chocolate.

As cheap as we can make it. Just $9.00 per delivery - anywhere in Australia.

Absolutely, who wouldn’t love a monthly chocolate delivery for a gift? Plus this is the the gift that keeps on giving every month (which means they'll think you're pretty awesome too!).


Simply add the recipient name and address in the shipping details + any gift note to include in the first delivery - and we'll make the gift magic happen.

We ship monthly chocolate subscriptions twice a month - on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and depending on the date you signed up, we post closest to that. For example, if you signed up on Thursday 30th July 2020, your subscription will be sent on the 1st Tuesday of the month. However, if you signed


Once we ship you’ll receive tracking details so you know when to expect your chocolate goodness

Payment is subscription based, so the system calculates it on a monthly cycle based on when you sign up.

If you have a monthly subscription you can cancel at any time - no one likes to be locked in! If you have a longer subscription you can cancel at the end of the subscription. To change your membership, or cancel, just send us an email at and we’ll get it sorted and confirm for you.

Absolutely, we all have periods where life gets in the way of chocolate delivery, so just let us know at Even if you’re on a longer subscription, we’ll happily pause and restart it when you’re ready so that you get your full period of chocolate.

We love this question - because if you're plant based you don’t have to go and seek a vegan specific chocolate to enjoy chocolate - all quality dark chocolate has no animal products and is therefore vegan (although most will note they are produced in a factory that also processes milk).


If you’d like a vegan subscription tick the box on the monthly chocolate subscription form and we’ll tweak each month’s offering for you to make sure you don’t get any milk chocolate, although you may get repeat chocolates on occasion. We’ll also try to pick up both chocolates you have received in the monthly Live Tastings so you don’t miss out!

We also have a vegan chocolate category for our chocolate on our online chocolate store.

Just get in contact athello@fiamma.lifeand we’ll update your details - although don’t send any credit card details in an email! If you need to update payment details we’ll either do this over the phone, or via an encrypted online system.