Valrhona | 50% Milk Chocolate - Kidavoa (Banana)
Valrhona | 50% Milk Chocolate - Kidavoa (Banana)
Valrhona | 50% Milk Chocolate - Kidavoa (Banana)
Valrhona | 50% Milk Chocolate - Kidavoa (Banana)

Valrhona | 50% Milk Chocolate - Kidavoa (Banana)

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A truly unique 50% milk chocolate from Madagascar that combines real banana flavour into the bean - think banana bread mixed with chocolate. 

This chocolate process is unique - the chocolate is double fermented so that the fruit (banana) flavour is imbibed into the bean. Let us explain...

All cocoa is fermented, it's the first step in developing the flavour of the cocoa bean. However Valrhona is the only chocolate maker in the world to double ferment chocolate. 

Double fermentation: they run the first fermentation to bring out the fruity and slightly tart aromas of this exceptional Madagascan chocolate. Then instead of drying the beans, they add local bananas, and the sugar in the fruit activates a second fermentation that adds real banana flavour, directly into the bean. Pretty special, hey?!

What to expect: this chocolate opens up as a rich, complex milk chocolate enhanced by a touch of tartness that slowly reveal fruity aromas, very typical of a Madagascan chocolate; before the banana flavour makes its entrance. (I refer to this as like banana bread in chocolate!)

Finally, you will experience slightly spicier, malty notes, which finally give way to cocoa-rich bitterness. The only chocolate of its type in the world.

Starting at 100g. This chocolate is only available in pieces, also known as feves.


Valrhona has been producing some of the world’s finest chocolate since 1922 in the village of Tain L’Hermitage, France.

At Valrhona's heart is a dedication to creating unique, artisan quality chocolate with complex, balanced and consistent flavours. However, perhaps most exceptional is Valrhona's pursuit of innovation - but importantly, never at the expense of quality.

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