Pump Street | 60% Milk Chocolate - Ecuador
Pump Street | 60% Milk Chocolate - Ecuador
Pump Street | 60% Milk Chocolate - Ecuador
Pump Street | 60% Milk Chocolate - Ecuador

Pump Street | 60% Milk Chocolate - Ecuador

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Milk 60% | a very high cocoa content milk chocolate with strong cocoa notes

A very special milk chocolate made with Ecuadorian beans that strike the perfect balance between a strong cocoa flavour with the sweet undertones of milk. In fact, this is one of my very favourite milk chocolates!

At 60% cocoa solids, this is a dark - or high cocoa content - milk chocolate; something sought after by chocolate connoisseurs around the world and that excites me. (For context, in Australia, Cadbury Dairy milk has just 26% cocoa solids, and Lindt Milk Chocolate has 32% cocoa solids.)

Bar Size: 70g

Vintage Chocolate: 2015 

Bean: Hacienda Limon, Ecuador

Made with just four ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter and milk powder



Located in a 15th Century building in the small village of Orford on the Suffolk Cost, Pump Street is an award-winning bakery; however after mastering the production of naturally leavened artisan bread - they ventured into bean to bar chocolate, and now create exceptional small batch chocolate. 

Outgrowing their original bakery building, their chocolate production moved to an old military vehicle record keeping building - disused for many years but now creating some of the world’s best chocolate. 

And don’t be fooled by their small village origins - Pump Street direct source their beans from the best single estates around the world, and then tailor their roasting, grading and conching to create exceptional chocolate. I particularly love the marriage of their bakery heritage with chocolate making endeavours in the Sourdough bar.

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