Mirzam Chocolate | 36% Caramelised White Chocolate - Aseeda (Cardamom)

Mirzam Chocolate | 36% Caramelised White Chocolate - Aseeda (Cardamom)

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A delectable 36% blonde chocolate (caramelised white chocolate) with subtle cardamom inspired by the traditional Middle Eastern recipe Aseeda.

Their blond chocolate (caramelised white chocolate) is known as 'Aseeda' and Mirzam create this by baking white chocolate until it is deep brown to create a caramelised flavour.

They then gently spice with cardamom, so that you have gentle hints of the spice - like a waft of spice, on the old Spice Route winds.

Based in Dubai, Mirzam is known for its Middle Eastern influences - and inspiration from the tales of the ancient Spice Route.

Multiple award winning chocolate.

Bar size: 70g



Mirzam is named after a star in the night sky that becomes visible at the beginning of summer, heralding the arrival of warm winds which will soon ripen the dates. Translated to English, Mirzam means ‘The Herald’.

Whilst Dubai may not be the obvious source of bean to bar chocolate, we’ve been delighted by not only the quality of Mirzam chocolate, but the unique, Middle Eastern flavour inspiration not often seen in quality chocolate. 

Whilst the single origin cocoa is selected for it’s diverse flavour profiles, Mirzam then embrace their rich heritage and is inspired by the old maritime Spice Route.- where traders sailed hundreds of years ago to gather valuable ingredients to sell on to European buyers - or in a modern age, where Mirzam source exquisite ingredients to bring you exceptionally flavoured bean to bar chocolate. 

In addition to great chocolate, you’ll also notice Mirzam’s unique paper packaging - they work with talented artists from the region and beyond to hand create something special. In fact, anyone can submit their portfolio to Mirzam who are constantly in the look out for inspirational creativity that can capture the essence of the Spice Route, and the modern day chocolate.

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