Corporate Gifts | The Local Collection (5+ Gifts)
Corporate Gifts | The Local Collection (5+ Gifts)
Corporate Gifts | The Local Collection (5+ Gifts)
Corporate Gifts | The Local Collection (5+ Gifts)
Corporate Gifts | The Local Collection (5+ Gifts)
Corporate Gifts | The Local Collection (5+ Gifts)

Corporate Gifts | The Local Collection (5+ Gifts)

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A decadent focus on our local artisan chocolate makers who produce some of the world's best boutique chocolate. 

Minimum Order for Corporate Pricing is 5 Units. 
Click here for orders under 5 or get in touch.

Four craft bars from Australia and New Zealand. Beautifully packaged - with flavour notes - to showcase the best of local - all with a hand-written note. We're proud to showcase these amazing local makers.

The Local Chocolate Gift Box includes:

  • 4 bars chocolate - dark and milk.
  • Chocolate tasting wheel and tasting card 'how to taste chocolate'.
  • Gift card with the background to local chocolate makers.
  • Beautifully gift boxed in our quality recyclable cardboard boxes.
  • Complimentary hand-written gift note - include your message at checkout.
  • Bonus, our carefully curated Local Chocolate Collection will elevate the way your lucky recipient thinks about chocolate.  

Price includes GST

- - - -

Exact contents may differ depending on seasonal availability.

Delivery: we happily take care of delivery from $10 per gift - just email us recipient details. Alternatively, we can deliver all gifts to you for distribution.

Handwritten Note: we include a handwritten message with gifts. When buying multiple gifts, we'll get in contact and ask you to email message details. In the meantime, read our tips on how to write the perfect gift note.

Customise with your branding: we have a number of options to customise your chocolate gifts. Get in touch to discuss options.

All of our chocolate is ethically sourced, and sent in sustainable packaging.

FIAMMA CHOCOLATE: your Barrel of Chocolate is a specially curated experience by Fiamma Chocolate in this case showcasing the best of local bears to bar chocolate making.

As with all our curated experiences, we put a lot of care into each gift to ensure you get an amazing selection of chocolate, and some information about each chocolate and why this is the world's best.

- - - -

SUSTAINABLE CHOCOLATE: We also work hard to make our gift and other packaging as sustainable as possible. We encourage re-purposing of gift boxes and cylinders where practical; otherwise we prioritise compostable and recyclable materials (even our sticky tape is compostable) and working with carbon neutral and B Corp companies.

ETHICAL CHOCOLATE: Not all chocolate is created equal, not just in terms of taste but also ethics. In fact, the chocolate industry is very problematic, with 85% of cocoa coming from West Africa where poverty, child labour and even slavery are rife in the industry.

I don’t believe anyone should have to suffer for my sweet treat. However all of our chocolate is of the highest ethics and we prioritise working with companies who use direct trade practices which ensures the greatest transparency and accountability. Plus all our makers are super nice and ethical people who want to do the right thing - and do the right thing! Which means guilt free chocolate :)

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